A Passion for Speech

Innovation begins with the hopes and daydreams of ambitious students. Next week a new club will arrive in the halls of ISKL. Never before has this school had a Speech Club. One in which students are free from pressure and anxiety that often comes with delivering speeches, instead the club is an opportunity to grow and foster a love for spoken word. Three ambitious students supported by a teacher have come together to make an activity open to all on february 23rd tuesday after school from 3:10- 4:30 dedicated to Speech.

The idea arose because of impromptu try-outs. It was a very competitive team to make and the three students were looking for other alternatives. These three students were: Alejandra Moreno, Kris Jeong, and myself. Chances looked slim, especially as we were just starting to experiment with speech. Therefore we thought of an activity that would maintain our love for the art without having to stress profusely on whether or not we were good at it. From then on we developed a concept for the new activity. A stress free environment– one in which beginners and those who have been practicing speeches for a while are welcome. The first five minutes of the club are open to anyone who has a tip for delivery or content of a speech. This way students will learn something new every session. The club stressed the fact that we wanted students to be able to  practice speeches that perhaps no one had listened to or speeches that needed feedback. This could be for personal or academic work, but the club provides an audience and constructive criticism free from any unhelpful and negative remarks.

It is not exclusively open for ready made speeches. When there are no students willing to share, the club will focus on fun activities to develop the skills necessary for becoming a great speaker. This includes going back to the original aim of the participants, by practicing impromptu speaking. These activities help not only those who have already displayed interest in that event but also develops a crucial ability to think on your feet and speak eloquently. On top of impromptus there will be speech games, monologues, and even friendly debates once a month.

The whole purpose of the club is to develop a friendly environment with a close knit group students that all wish to better their speaking abilities. Mrs. Woodward will be supervising the club and actively helping students reach their goals in terms of speech. “I see speaking in front of people as one of the most important skills that will help you your entire life, leave indelible (hopefully good!) impressions on people about who you are and what you represent.”

All of the founders of this club love speaking and wish to use it outside of a competitive atmosphere and continue developing it because it may prove resourceful in the long run. Having the ability to manipulate words and make convincing arguments is invaluable.”I was a forensics student myself in high school and college and feel it impacted me possibly more than any other activity I was involved in.” Mrs. Woodward understands the skills needed to become a successful speaker, so participants will hopefully gain this knowledge from her.

“I know what it’s like to try out for forensic events and face rejection, and because of this I am more driven to improve my speaking skills. I have studied and delivered many speeches, and together with future members we will be able to work constructively and make each other better.” Alejandra Moreno is one of the original three students who came up with this remarkable idea. She was quite “overwhelmed” with how competitive some speech events can be, yet she did not let that alter her persistence in the matter. She stresses how this club is about lifting everyone in it up, it is truly a team effort that will make it so valuable.

“Don’t be intimidated! It doesn’t matter if you feel confident or completely ‘pathetic’: we welcome anyone to come and get a chance to speak.”– Mrs.Woodward along with the other students cannot wait to be able to work alongside driven students that want to improve.” No one is to be judged or ridiculed in this comfortable, friendly atmosphere.”- Alejandra. To any and all feel free to join the new speech club!