Color Fest 2016

Color -Fest was hosted by the Sophomore Student Council on the 10th of February. Based on the Indian traditional holiday of Holi,  Sahana’18, a StuCo member, explains what the event entails; “We have multiple colors of powder dye which everyone throws at each other, and the white shirt – which is provided for every individual – will turn out to be stained with a variety of bright colors!”

“Holi celebrates the first day of spring, and we throw colored powder at each other. We typically wear white clothes to maximize the effect” Isha ‘16 says with a devilish grin at the logic of it all. “We also shoot water guns at each other which is awesomely fun!” she says, though the color fest at school will have no such thing, due to further staining issues with the dye.

Initially, only 2 packets of dye were to go out to each person. The reality, though, was that they had bought around a 100 packets, and there were far lesser than 50 people who showed up on the upper field, leading to there being more than enough to go around.

It started off slow – due to the plastic packets being hard to open – but soon enough people gave up on undoing the intricate knot and began merely ripping the plastic off and chasing each other around and throwing the powder everywhere. Though friends were priority targets, eventually everyone was running around smearing powder on any unstained spots.

Soon havoc erupted within the small group, mostly comprised of freshmen and sophomores.

Colors were splattered across everyone’s faces, shirts, and any visible skin. Grins went around (some of those were also stained with dye). Hair got painted and no alliances lasted, everyone against everyone else, just going at it. Some partnered up to attack someone, yet afterwards turned on each other, laughing all the way. Glasses offered no protection from the onslaught of color and the powder half blinded people, yet there was no stopping the enthusiastic crowd.

“Oh, it’s going super great,” Min Joo Kim ‘18 says as she juggles her 5 packets of color, getting ready to rip another one open.

Raiya ‘18 had her yellow coated eyes on her friends as she unleashed a packet of blue dye enthusiastically.

Clumps of dye in hair, streaked highlights, pink shoulders and blue lips even some riveting golden staches were on display.

Nick T. ‘18 simply says, “It’s good. It’s fun,” grinning with his multicolored clothes and face, even as he rips open another packet.

After all the dyes were used up, people went around scavenging within the thrown packets on the grass and kept on attacking each other. Unrecognizable faces, barely noticeable, yet the joy of it all clearly visible.

Though there was fuss afterwards about where the dye got to in the changing rooms, no one regretted it. Playful banter about not coming to school the next day, with purple streaked sinks and green tinged shoulders, went around. Some had hard times getting the dye off braces and fingernails.

New student Alice F. ‘18, with streaks of dye in her hair and colored legs and arms, recounts, “I was expecting much less but it was actually really fun and I loved attacking my friends with dye!”

The money raised from this Colorfest will go to the Sophomore Student Council, which consequently means it will be used to fund their prom next year.

After the first attempt at launching this event disappeared due to the rainy weather, this time around it happily seemed to work out. “We had an extra month to get things ready,” Harun ‘18 comments. Though there were a few people who didn’t show up, especially after the 65+ tickets that were sold, Haruna happily says, “I think it was a success.”

“It went really well,” Ariq, another sophomore StuCo member, says pleasantly. “As you can see that many people had fun, and even as we’re cleaning up people are still having fun throwing colors at each other,” he says pointing out the color splattered people still running around and scavenging for remnants of dye within the discarded packets. All in all, it was successful event, with several people laughing and just having crazy fun on a Wednesday afternoon.