SAS vs JIS Boys Final

As soon as tip off occurs JIS is fast to react to it, quickly pacing themselves towards the basket for an easy lay in. This game’s odds are definitely in Singapore’s favor, yet from this start , it’s too close to call. Garrett Pashen and Jaisal Friedman connect with each other for 2 points, a nice pass to Garrett Pashen in the paint. SAS have started slow and are pushing to get back into this game, their starters all looking for a quick 2 points to boost their momentum. Damion Gillespie II passes the Cole Derksen, who then bounces the ball towards Keaton Debord for a basket using Keaton’s dominating post moves. If SAS want to win this final, then taking advantage of their ability to rebound and score in the paint is going to be vital. Jakarta uses Jaisal to get to the hoop, who finishes with finesse and quickly hustles back to Jakarta’s side of the court. The atmosphere of this game is breathtaking, each teams fans grouping together on one side of the bleachers, roaring as their team scores– alternating between possession and never ceasing to scream at the ref. The final whistle blows, one team the victor, the other the loser. SAS takes yet another gold home back to singapore, and as usual the team that played against them fails to win. The final score is 54-37 as Tristan Lee finishes the game off with two free throws.