Remember the Panthers

It’s been 22 years since ISKL has won an IASAS basketball tournament. Yet for 22 years we haven’t had Seamus O’neal, Dallas Veazie, and Aman Mehmood playing for our basketball team. It is an ISKL honor to be able to host IASAS basketball. Six teams, 3 medals, and one chance to reach our aspirations. IASAS basketball is going to start on Thursday, and continue to Saturday, where the boys finals will be held at 4 pm, and girls final at 5:30 pm.

These young men have been training since October, running suicides and hitting jumpers, each play designed for particular players. “Having designed plays that work to the strength of each player is much better than read and react” Aman stated when I asked him about what the basketball team has had to work on for the most part in the lead up to IASAS. This is their time, their expectations, and their memories — and how they do in this tournament is going to implant itself in their subconscious, always reminding them about their success and failure at IASAS.

ISKL constantly excite our local crowd when they play in KL, easily swerving past local clubs towards the basket. Yet how does this local malaysian game translate into IASAS ? Each player has mentioned discipline and organized ball, saying this will be the plan to their success, making sure that plays are run to perfection and defense is reliant on a concrete structure. “Because from the start of the season we knew the that the competition that we we’re gonna face here was gonna be worse than that at IASAS but that didn’t mean that we’re gonna change our style of play” As Aman explains how the basketball team will stick to their basketball style. The team’s strong points are easily seen with their swift passes and confident shots, that never fail to brush the inside of the net.” were really good at moving the ball around and executing on offense really well. we have pretty solid defense and we make most of our shots” Yet what will hold our team back? “ but we don’t have a lot of depth yet. our team doesn’t go that deep on the bench and another weak point is that we have a lot of seniors, we’re losing six seniors and seamus is moving” Of course next year will be a hard team to coach with an increase in new varsity bloomers. But with IASAS being hosted at ISKL this year, why even think about our future team, live in the now and win in the now. Hopefully our starters will be able to lead the panthers head first into our first IASAS basketball victory.

In the lead up to this prestigious event, what has our first year coach implementing into our athletes brain?, Dallas mentions the importance of toughness and organized offense. “Coach Pike has a theme for each year, so he keeps reminding us that this team is toughness and so at the beginning of practice he gives us a quote about toughness and hustle” then from the baseline Seamus shoots us with a quote on their offense. “A big part of our practices mainly consist of offensive transitions and plays” Will toughness, hustle and offense lead us to a 4 pm final game? We will have to see how all these practice and KL game details translate to IASAS, in which players seem to believe that first is the only position this years team deserves. “ We’re getting first because we worked our buts of, we’ve had like over 30 practices,i think we had our 30th practice about a week and a half ago. We’ve been working hard for 4 -5 days a week so i’m ready to see the work pay off” Best of luck to our players, and hopefully these 30 practices will guide our team through a path to reach the gold medal they so definitely deserve.