ISM vs. TAS Girls 10:00am Semifinals Day 3

The first half of the game was dominated primarily by Manila, who maintained a steady possession of the ball during their time. The teams were cheered on by their parents, who overwhelmed the stands with cheers of “Bearcats!” and “Taipei, 加油!”. Period 1 ended with 18-10 to ISM. During period 2, TAS starts to match Manila’s energy on the court. With the added pressure, Manila was making lots of close shots, but not quite making it there. #12 of ISM makes a bucket at 6:14. Gradually, Taipei grew stronger and stronger, with a beautiful three pointer by #18 on TAS at 3:43. Unfortunately, #3 of TAS had to be subbed out for an injury to her right leg. As the game grew increasingly tense, there were lots of skeptical plays with double dribbles and travels. Halftime started with  24-17 to ISM. The second half was reminiscent to the first half, however the stands grew slightly quieter, with both team’s parents sitting on the edge of their seats. The game ended with 43-33 to Manila. Although disappointed by the loss, the Taipei supporters still cheered the team on as they left the court, and were proud of their tigers. Sean Cheng of Taipei boys said, “It was pretty fun to watch, I enjoyed it. I hope we could have won, but it’s okay, it was really well played out.” Alessandra Madrigal, sister of Tori Madrigal on ISM, has a lot of good things to say about the game, “TAS played really well, I mean they beat us in the round robin, and you know, respect to them, that #6 girl, I don’t know her name, but she’s really really good, and she’s going to be a great player … Manila played hard, they fought, you know we have a lot of injuries to our team. Two of our three starters are out with ACL injuries, so I think they’re struggling in terms of how many players they have, but both teams played really well, it was a really hard fought game. A lot of uncalled travels and fouls, but I think that was on both sides, so it was pretty fair.”