2015: Year in Review

As a year ends, and people around the world reflect on the year, the realisation that so much that happened has passed by without being given a second thought. While other events are carried into the new year, whether it be serious or in the long-run unimportant and irrelevant to most individuals on the planet. This is a list of all that happened, good or bad, important or unimportant, in chronological order.

In March, Singapore mourned the death of Lee Kuan Yew, also known as the ‘Father of Singapore’ due to him being the first prime minister of Singapore, at age 91. After being declared that Pneumonia was the cause of death, a week of national mourning was declared from 23-29, where public transport was open for 24 hours on the 25th and 26th, so as to give people the chance to pay their respects, while many world leaders and prominent figures mourned his death as well.

A day after his death, on the 24th, Germanwings flight 9525 crashed while en route from Barcelona, Spain to Düsseldorf, Germany, where no one on board survived the fatal fall. Very quickly was it found that the co-pilot Andrea Lubitz had planned the crash as an act of committing suicide, while taking innocent people down with him.

Teenage girls around the world were in tears as they “just can’t even” bear the news that emerged on the 25th, as Zayn Malik announced his graceful exit from boyband One Direction to pursue a “normal life,” where he was then subject to ridicule as he did the opposite, and pursued a solo career.

On the 25th of April, the world woke up to the heart wrenching news of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake tearing Nepal apart, in an metaphysical and physical sense. Thousands of Nepalese died, hundreds of others were trapped under rubble of what were once buildings. Aid of all kinds were sent to Nepal, providing them with as much support as possible after this tragedy.

The British royal family welcomed another member on May 2, as Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born to parents Prince William and Princess Catherine, where thousands were crowded outside St.Mary’s hospital in London, awaiting the first look at the couple and their newborn daughter.


The world of football were shocked as on 27 May, seven FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) officials, including the vice president of the organisation, were arrested in Zurich as a request from the US department of justice on a count of corruption dating back 24 years, and the scandal will most likely be carried through most of 2016.

On the 16 of June, Donald Trump announced his plan to run in the presidential campaign in 2016. Formerly known as the billionaire with his own skyscraper in the centre of New York City, due to his speeches and scandalous remarks, there are many opposing viewpoints on Trump as a person, and as a presidential candidate.

June 26, the world rejoiced as Barack Obama, the President of the US, announced that same-sex marriage is nationwide legal. The United States is the 21st nation to sign off on this legislation.

Greece was the face of much of the news over the summer holidays, where on the 5th of July, the Greek citizens voted “no” for a bailout of the Eurozone, after the massive amount of debt Greece was under, declaring bankruptcy.

The month of August took a turn on the 20th, where at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West announced his plan to run for president in 2020, where #kanye2020 trended for weeks on social media thereafter.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen faced accusations of altering the test results of carbon dioxide emissions, causing them to appear as though the cars are very eco-friendly, where in reality they are not. However, Volkswagen denied the claims.

Former-olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner (former: Bruce Jenner) announced earlier in 2015 that she was transitioning into a woman, where in late July, she legally changed her name to Caitlyn, and on 25 September, officially became Caitlyn Jenner, a woman. She has helped the LGBTQ+ community, and primarily the trans- community to providing support and awareness for the hardships they face, in her new television series “I am Cait.”

The world shook as the ISIS claimed shooting in Paris occured at the Bataclan concert hall, as rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing on the 13 November. This was the first of many attacks outside the Middle East, truly bringing fear to the rest of the world in the hopes that their city will not be next.

Thousands of thousands of migrants were welcomed into several nations worldwide towards the end of the year, providing shelter to them.

The long awaited Star Wars movie came out on 17 of December, where most cinemas hosted massive queues of die-hard Star Wars fans anticipating the movie.

In the Miss Universe pageant, the host Steve Harvey was the centre of ridicule and laughter as he announced the wrong winner, before claiming responsibility minutes after Miss Colombia had the crown on her head and the sash resting on her body, where she was forced to hand it over to Miss Philippines.

What a comedic end to the heavy year, and hopefully 2016 will bring more joy.