TAS vs ISKL Girls 10:00am Semifinal Day 3

The ISKL and TAS girls went head to head to secure their place as bronze medalists, both their offense and defense were strong. The crowd were just as competitive, attempting to cheer louder than each other, definitely proving that the backbone of support was alive. ISKL took the lead, however by halftime the tigers had caught up to them, where they were now tied to come out on top. The TAS girls were ahead for a while, as no. 11 took a shot and although she fell backwards, made a basket from far away, definitely earning cheers from the TAS crowd, as well as an awe of amazement from the ISKL crowd. The ISKL girls sped ahead, causing basket after basket to be made and a lead of 9 points to be seen. However, the TAS girls did not succumb to the lead as they definitely caught up, stealing the ball from the panther girls many times. After the loss to the ISM boys, the ISKL boys endlessly cheered on the girls, proving that there is always space to support. With cheers and determination, the ISKL girls won, not even stopping at the last 5 seconds, where they still attempted a basket, but failed. Regardless, they secured their third place medal and the TAS girls are fourth place, with a score of 57-51.