SAS vs ISKL Girls 10:30am Semifinal Day 3

The SAS girls faced the ISKL girls in a tight battle to secure a place in the finals. The stands were already full by the beginning of the game, with strong supporters from both sides, making as much noise as possible to show their support. The energy was high, coaches on the edge of the benches and the motivation to win was evident in the players. By halftime, SAS were already off to a good start, with a score of 20-10. No.20 of the SAS team, stole the ball multiple times, dribbling it down the court and making a basket successfully. Throughout the entirety of the game, including early on, the defense was high and making a basket on either team was extremely difficult, however, ISKL made a comeback after half time, where no. 9 made many baskets, boosting the score to 30-30. Once there wasn’t that much time left in the game, the crowds became silent and at the edge of their seats as they hoped their team would come out victorious, making baskets in the free throws and three-pointers. Struggles to the ground occured many times due to both of the teams’ thirst to win. ISKL’s no. 5 fell and seemed to have hurt herself pretty badly, as she was unable to get up without her teammates helping her, resulting in her being subbed out. Momentum seemed to have been lost, as SAS took hold of the score and after a very tight score, the gap between the panthers and eagles increased. Their win was an obvious one, with 5 minutes left, and cheering from the stands was loud and enthusiastic and the game left them with a standing on the charts of second place, ending the game at 43-34.