SAS vs ISB Boys 8:30am Semifinals Day 3

The stands are filled to the brim with eagle fans. They make allegations to the referees pleading with them to change their calls. The numbers on the scoreboard cease to matter as both teams play, leaving everything on the court. This game was all or nothing and unfortunately the eagles took it all. A minute would not go by when someone was not on the floor. Basketball, after all is a physical sport. That required boys thrusting their bodies on the floor in order to steal the ball. This happened at one point in the game when number fifteen slid on the floor stealing the ball from number eight on the SAS team; unfortunately this then caused number eight to fall on top of him. Despite these intense aggressive moments the boys got up, shook it off, and kept their eyes on the hoop. Remarkably even though the boys were more than ten points behind, they still continued to fight through both the eagles’ line of defense and the screaming of the SAS parents.


ISB lost due to its offense. Their balls were simply not landing in the hoop. SAS gave them no time on the ball because they were marking man to man. However the most impressive defense today had to be that of ISB. They played a zone defense with intensity and made sure that every shot within the 3-point line was blocked. SAS stopped trying to take shots within the key—only taken when an open layup was available. Singapore beat Bangkok with their stamina, which ISB began to lose towards the end and their speed. Unfortunately this loss for the panther’s means they will play in the consolation game. For SAS this means that they will face off against JIS for the gold medal.