JIS vs TAS Boys 8:30am Semifinal Day 3

This first boys game of the third day was a defensive one, where the tactic seemed to be from both teams, JIS and TAS, to prevent the other team from making as many baskets as possible. By halftime, the score was 18-18, and the prediction for what will happen in the second half was almost impossible to guess. As many falls were made, especially no.10 from JIS, cheers from the crowd rose to give him the support and motivation needed to get up and keep fighting to win. However, with the support of the Jakarta parents, no. 8 from JIS shined as the team made many baskets in a good minute, resulting in a score of 20-24, horns were prevalent. However, by the last quarter, with the support of the dedicated TAS parents and their coaches, TAS came out on top, shooting basket after basket in a fast paced game across the court. No. 14 from the Taipei Tigers, had his head in the game running for his life to secure a lead against the dragons. It seemed as though the Jakarta boys lost morale as in the last minute, they no longer attempted make any baskets, losing the game at a close, but not close enough, 58-67. This resulted in the tigers being in second place and the dragons in third… For now.