ISM vs SAS Boys 12:00pm Day 2

At noontime, the game between ISM and SAS started on the blue top. Off the bat, the game was very dynamic with both teams getting possession – however, SAS was able to make lots of baskets in the first quarter. ISM showed great plays, equally matching SAS’s energy, and showed good sportsmanship as their team cheered loudly from the sidelines. Halftime started with 17-37 to SAS. The second half was reminiscent to the first half. While SAS dominated the scoreboard, Manila showed endurance and good teamwork. Damion Gillespie, the father of #4 of the SAS boys team, agrees, “The game started off really strong, it was good back and forth, Manila, you know… I like their sportsmanship, they were really good – it was nice to see them laughing and talking with the SAS players during the game, it was a pretty good thing to see good sportsmanship going both ways, even though the game was a little bit unevenly scored, I guess I should say.” The game ended 25-57 to SAS, but evidently, there were no hard feelings on both sides. Coach Nourse, of ISM Boys, said, “The game we played against SAS, we came out expecting to play hard, we challenged them at the hoop, and I think they played a pretty good game … SAS are true sportsmen. They’re the most athletic team at the tournament, and we did a pretty good job inside against them, so I’m pretty happy about our performance.” Great job to both teams for their hard work and spirit!