ISM vs ISKL Boys 1:00pm Fifth Place Consolation Game Day 3

For 5th and 6th place, the ISKL and ISM boys played in what seemed like the longest, yet most fast paced game of their lives. The score was close the entire game, either 2 points ahead of tied, causing the stands to either be silent or clapping for the entire hour and a half of the game.

No.4 of the ISM team made the basket that causing ISKL and ISM to be tied, starting the high-strung competition to defeat one another. ISKL made a promising beginning, as they were ahead by 7 points, at the score 27-34 at halftime. By halftime, the two teams went head to head in a tie of 34 points. By this time, it was difficult for the crowd to do anything but focus on the court, in hopes that their team would go ahead of the other. The ball was never on one side of the court for a long time, yet constantly traveling and being shot through hoops. At one point, #11 of the Panthers fell, causing the game to be paused for a while as the crowd questioned whether he would go on, although he was visibly in pain, he was determined to keep going for the last few minutes of the game. Although the panthers were tied 55-55 with the bearcats, the ISM boys quickly went four ahead, however this was no sign of giving up and the ISKL boys kept going, where the game ended.