ISKL vs JIS Boys 1:20pm Day 2

The ISKL and JIS game started off as a very tight game – just a minute and thirty seconds into the game, the score was 7-4 to ISKL, with both teams showing aggression. #18 was grazed on the right side of his head, and was swiftly subbed in for another player. On his injury, he said, “I actually didn’t notice the injury until I wiped my hand across my head, and I saw all the blood. I was playing D, then some guy set a screen on me, and I ran straight into him, so I think his teeth or something hit my head.” Nevertheless, he returned back on the court in the second half. ISKL continuously showed good defence as JIS went for the bucket. The JIS and ISKL supporters battled it out off the court as well, as both sides grew louder and louder in their chants. In the second quarter, a beautiful 3 pointer was shot by ISKL’s #1, but ended with 13-32 to JIS. Quarter 3 began with pressure coming from both sides, but with 1 minute 53 seconds left on the clock, Riley Mead (#11) of ISKL sustained an injury on his ankle, and had to be subbed off. Despite losing one of their best players, ISKL fought back in the last quarter, doing risky plays, and ending the game 38-56 to JIS. Melina ‘17 of the ISKL girls team reflects on the game, “I think towards the beginning, it was a very hard fought game, it was tight as well. And I guess our boys just started to lose their momentum, um, and that’s when the score started changing a lot. But I think our boys fought to the finish, and still kept scoring to the finish. It was a good game.” Solid playing on both teams, making it a very great game to watch!