JIS vs ISB Girls 1:00pm Fifth Place Consolation Game Day 3

Under the pressure of having to win fifth place for their schools, the JIS and ISB Girl’s take to the court with a couple of basketball shots. As Sorry by Justin Bieber slows to a stop, and Hotline Bling comes up, the ISB Girl’s enter the gym to a thunderous panther roar from the bleacher filled fans. A couple of JIS Boy’s cry out a chant for their team as well.

ISB Boy’s upfront are tired yet one or two clap their clappers ferociously. The boys find a plastic baseball bat on the floor and bat it in encouragement for their team. Mostly ISB supporters fill up a bleacher themselves, while JIS coaches yell for their own team.

An impressive layup was displayed by ISB, yet it missed the target. A quick race across the court and a steal, leads them afterwards back and they retrieve that lost layup, this time making it in and leading by a solid 10 points. With three more consecutive scores – one after the other – from ISB, JIS finally takes a shot and their team cheers them on boldly. Nonetheless, Number seven from ISB gets in a three-pointer, leaving the end of quarter one with a 3 to 17 with ISB leading by 14 points.

During the half way mark break, the ISB boys reveal the reason for the pink piglet they have been carrying around. “It’s to honor the freshmen,” one player explains with a grin. A freshman on the varsity, IASAS team is a huge achievement and they take care of the piglet to honor that fact. A young supporter for the ISB team gives the boys high fives as they go off to get ready for their own game outside, additionally, taking possession over the bat.

The game is paused as a whimpering JIS player goes through a harmful fall and manages to twist or dislocate her arm around the elbow. As she cries on the floor, the coaches and medics run over to her. After a suspenseful wait, they help her up and across to the first aid station for examination. A polite and respectful clap follows. The games then continue halfway through the last quarter, the crowd continuing its loyal and constant cheer on both their behalfs.

More baskets from ISB lead to deafening applause from the bleachers as their families stomp their feet and clap their clappers fiercely against their palms. The end result is a 45 from ISB against JIS’s 6, leading ISB to winning 5th position and receiving a standing ovation from their families.