TAS vs ISB Boys 2:40pm Day 2

This was a gripping game from start to finish. As is often the case with boy’s games they move very quickly and therefore require a lot of attention. Both teams were in good positions before this game, ultimately ISKL will have to play against Bangkok as well, therefore this game was important for them to watch. ISB began strong from the beginning, they had great passing followed up by great players who were willing to leave everything on the court in order to succeed. Bangkok left no time on the ball for Taipei as they practiced a strong zone defense that not only blocked the shots within the key but also those on the three point line. There were stand out players on both teams that made the game interesting as these star players battled it out to see who would win. It was a team effort, however that won ISB the game.

It was a very close game ending at 42 to 45 in favor of ISB. Taipei needed a single three pointer in order to come out victorious. With five minutes on the clock Taipei was given three free shots, which were, all made by number fifteen. This earned the team a well-deserved tie. This sparked a new sense of urgency in both teams—ISB had more strength behind it and finished the game strong with beautiful shots and great stacks. It was noticed that towards the end—feeling safe they played their bench players in order to rest their more valuable ones that were to be later played in the semi-finals. This game was fought hard on both sides, Bangkok had won just before as well, and it seems that they are on a winning streak. Taipei is still in a good position, and simply had a tough break.