SAS vs TAS Girls 7:30am Day 2

The crowd was ready, and TAS and SAS were set for an early morning matchup. Both sides supporters were cheering on their team as the two teams got set at half court for a jump ball. SAS got the edge, and got first position. The game was quite evenly matched at the beginning, as SAS scored first on a free throw, but TAS brought the game back level at four until SAS went on a 10-2 run capped by a strong layup by #20, forcing a timeout up 14-6. A takeaway by TAS #6 and a foul on the other end of the court pulled TAS to a five point deficit going into the second quarter.

The second quarter started and SAS started to pull ahead. Strong offence and tight defense put the Eagles up 26-10, and their fans were buzzing as they saw their team go on a 12-1 run to start the second quarter. TAS broke through with 2 points with 2:23 remaining in the half, but that was all they could do with the limited time left, and SAS lead into halftime up 32-12.

The third quarter began and the two teams were fairly evenly matched, but the lead SAS gained in the second quarter was too large, and even a three pointer by TAS’s #9 couldn’t cut the deficit and a shot clock beater by SAS put them up 43-20. TAS was able to score four unanswered points, but SAS still lead going into the fourth quarter 43-24. TAS started the fourth quarter scoring on a layup, but SAS cruised to a comfortable 56-32 victory over TAS.