JIS vs SAS Girls 2:40pm Day 2

They start off practicing: SAS with their shots, arcing them through the air and into the hoop most of the time, and JIS playing against each other to strengthen their attacking and defending tactics for the real game. Two minutes in, SAS are leading by 5 points. Not too long into the game, multiple free throws for the SAS team are called, leading them to a promising lead. They call off who they will be manning, and continue on. With the spirit of competition in them all, number six from SAS has intertwined twirling ribbons in her braid, corresponding to her school colors.

Sneaky attempts at shooting by JIS, yet they prove to be no match for SAS’s defense. SAS shift their defenses further out to prevent fast intrusion. Keeping their opponents off their turf, they manage to shift the ball into their own hands and are constantly seen racing back to their shooting side.

SAS boys lined up onto the mats up front, provide an additional form of encouragement. Two smooth and graceful shots follow for the lucky SAS Girl’s as the ball constantly makes it into their hands, leading to an impressive 21 against JIS’s 3.

JIS coaches yell out improvements for their defensive stations. Cheers for the dragon’s sound up from teammates and other supporters. A crafty steal leads to another score, as the rest of the court freezes at the unexpected turn of events by JIS.

During half time the SAS Boy’s team come on to have a little practice with their shooting with Cole Derksen and fellow teammate Damien leading the rest of the team on court. Who themselves have performed a stunning game themselves this morning during first period. Zack, younger brother of on court player Number eight, and possible aspiring basketball player himself, practices with the team, providing unconcealed amusement and transparents skill of his own for everyone. When asked if he was confident they were going to win he exclaimed with a easy going laugh and “Yeah!”

Number eleven from JIS takes a tumbling fall, performing a gruesome motion with her legs, and walks off limping with two supporters to sit on the bench and have the coach examine her.

Emma, Number nine from SAS, fights for the ball for multiple occasions, and shoots a couple of free throws. Fighting for those rebounds, and getting in more shots, they keep rising. A cheer of loud compliments from the SAS Boys sound, as they watch their female counterparts stay in the lead with their stunning shots and skillful tactics, “Yes, good job!”

Last 10 seconds JIS make a shot in, but are ultimately defeated by SAS with a 48 against their 7.