JIS vs ISM Boys 5:00pm Playoff Game #1 Day 2

The first playoff game of the IASAS tournament begins at 5pm Friday afternoon. The International School Of Manila and Jakarta Intercultural School are the two at odds this round. They both seem excited if not mildly apprehensive of the match ahead. Perhaps this could lead to the fame of finale… perhaps not. Either way, they’re squaring up. The game starts with Manila gaining possession of the ball, though JIS quickly gets a grasp, scoring the first two points of the game. The game continues to heat up as ISM match JIS’s score of 2, and then pass it with a penalty shot; 3. Jakarta boys then make 2 baskets, equalling 6 points total. This back and forth goes on for some time, until it seems that JIS has put themselves that much further ahead. However after a failed penalty shot by #24 of JIS, ISM seems to get some hope, soon to be dashed. 12-3. #7 of ISM makes a momentic shot, bringing the score up to 6. By the time they next score, JIS has a lead of 16 to their 8. They soon make 10. By the end of the second quarter the score is 29-17, the game leaning towards Jakarta. By the end of the match, Jakarta had hopelessly overtaken ISM 61-27. It was a fantastic game.