ISM vs ISB Boys 7:30am Day 2

In the first boys game of the second day, an early start made no impact on the desire to do their best. The ISB panther and ISM bearcats went head to head in a fast paced game of basketball. Once in the second half, the game became extremely tense, evident in the spirit of those in the bleachers. With the score 36 to 19 to ISB, ISM pulled out their best passes and tricks to pull through, and with the a few baskets made, they decided to work up their defense. No. 31 from ISB took the ball down the court and attempts to take a shot before no. 2 from ISM steals it back and an attempted shot is made from 31, but failed as well. As the quarter was over, the score became 37-20. At this point in the game, the crowd is very tense and frustrated sighs are heard every time either team misses, from both students from ISKL and parents from ISB and ISM watching. Coaches from both teams stood up at various points in the game with support and anxiousness. For the last quarter of the game, the bleachers were full and ISB started, quick passes were made and the panthers made another few baskets, one that particularly impressed the crowd was no. 31 from ISB, who made a basket from very far away, causing most to be worry that he wouldn’t make it — he pulled through, cheering was heard. Freethrows were made in success by the ISM players, racking up more points as the score became 54-32, and ISB boys had a victorious first game in day 2 of IASAS. Both teams had incredible sportsmanship, and hopefully ISM will have a victory later today.