ISM vs ISKL 8:50am Girls Day 2

This game was an emotional rollercoaster. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet, screaming desperately for our ISKL girls. Unfortunately this game was a tough break, leaving all of the ISKL fans heartbroken for the girls. It was a very fast pace game in which ISKL dominated the first two halves. They showed off their beautiful passing, and teamwork throughout the game. Things got very aggressive—both teams desperate for the win needed to leave everything on the court. If there is one thing to be said about both ISM and ISKL it is that both teams played until they dropped. As soon as players grew tired they were taken out and replaced by players of similar skillset who were mentally ready for the game. ISM began their defense all the way from the half court—ISKL had no time to catch a breather, it was go go go. Numbers eleven and twenty-two got winded in this game on the ISM team yet kept moving forwards. They pushed their hair back, swallowed their tears and fought on. It was this fighting mentality that really gave Manila their edge.

While the first half was ISKL’s game, ISM quickly made a comeback. Thirty seconds remained on the clock—all the spectators still held on to the hope that ISKL could pull through. It was a tough thirty-three to thirty six, a very close match. Just when the fans began to lose hope Jessica May shoots and she scores! With the help of an excellent pass from Chloe Neudorf. However despite this beautiful shot ISM still held on to their narrow victory by having their girls dribble the ball until they were fouled. This while frustrating for ISKL took an abundance of skill as the girls fearlessly dribbled on no matter what harm came their way. They were determined to keep possession. The final score was thirty five to thirty seven, with the difference of a single basket. Hopefully ISKL girls can still redeem this loss, and progress into the finals.