ISM vs ISB 1:20pm Girls Day 2

ISM battles it out against ISB. Unfortunately this was not Bangkok’s game they ended the game with long faces and teary eyes. Their balls simply did not find the net, leaving their team beaten. This mentality of defeat started in the second period and followed the girls throughout the game. Despite several stand out players from ISB like number twenty or number seven, they were simply not enough to keep up the momentum of the game. ISM did not do spectacular either, even though they won this was definitely not their best game. They soon grew tired; they were secure in their win so they continued on half heartedly running through the plays. They had made enough of an impact in the first quarter to rest in the rest of the game. The stand out for ISM would have to be number eleven and number twelve who resisted the urge to stop hustling. On occasion number twelve would throw herself against the wall trying to keep the ball in—even if they weren’t particularly desperate for the points.

There were others however that did not get to shine this game. Number four on the ISM team is said to be a very valued player. In the first minutes of the game she was badly injured and taken care of on the sidelines. Her ankle was barely seen through the swelling. Number ten from ISM also hustled throughout the game but her shots were simply not finding the hoop, as she missed a total of fifteen times during the game. In spite of these setbacks Manila forged on and made this game theirs. They dominated with their speed, and control. ISM has serious potential in this competition and serves as a threat to the rest of the competitive teams in IASAS. As for ISB this was simply not their game.