ISKL vs TAS Girls 12:00pm Day 2

“Ashleigh! Ashleigh! Ashleigh!” the crowd goes wild for the ISKL girls. No one was sitting by the time the game was over. Everyone was on their feet running to the middle of the court in order to make a huge tunnel. It was a well-fought game with beautiful touches from both teams. The score was close throughout the match; in the third quarter ISKL was behind TAS the fans began to grow quiet, chances of victory looked slim. However number twenty-one saved the day. The freshman Christine Manglesdorf carried the team making beautiful runs and taking risky shots. This was just what the team needed. Her shots fell into the hoop four times in a row renewing the hope that the spectators had lost. It was a game of laughter, sadness, and relief. Despite their close loss this morning the girls shook it off and pulled through

Both teams had very strong yet distinct defensive organisations. ISKL ran their typical zone defense, while Taipei defended the whole court giving ISKL little time on the ball. Luckily with this testing defense there emerged strong confident players such as Petra Blackburn, a senior on the team who effortlessly dribbled past the TAS girls. Taipei had a very strong competitive team but they lacked something that ISKL had in abundance—they lacked the desire. Every girl on the court was hungry for the ball they lunged themselves towards it even when it meant hitting the ground hard. They played clean yet aggressive setting an example for all of the spectators. Hopefully this level of playing will only continue for the girls on both teams, for they truly captured the essence of IASAS today.