TAS vs ISM Girls 4:00pm Day 1

The crowd is electric, parents watching their children, loyal supporters rooting for their team, and the ever excited ISKL student add to the vibrant energy. The girls walk on, ready for some action and the four quarters ahead of them. The International School of Manila in their clean white, green and yellow uniforms, and Taipei American School in their crisp navy. The game is close throughout, with Taipei starting with possession and ending with a win. Manila’s defence were on the ball, pun intended. ISM’s player 11 was fantastic, making basket after basket. The final quarter was by far the most exciting. TAS made shot after shot, and three free throws taken by #3, #13 and #7 were truly a sight to behold, and every time, the TAS crowd went wild for their girls. They may be the loudest IASAS team. ISM played their absolute best and the game was neck and neck throughout. As always, sportsmanship was at an all time high, whenever somebody fell, there was someone to help them up; from either team. In the last two minutes of the quarter, both teams had 48 points. Panic mode set in. #13 from ISM got a basket, #3 free throw from TAS, and another free throw from #7 on TAS secured their win.