SAS vs ISB Girls 5:20pm Day 1

After a long day of tiresome and exhausting playing on this makeshift battleground, SAS and ISB come out to play. Mostly filled with players and a few parents, the game starts off quiet. After the first quarter SAS is leading by two points, but as the ISB gang gather in a huddle and walk back on, one can see the determination in their tired yet solid postures.

Small but fierce, number seven of the ISB team is all over the place. Be it attacking or defending or even shooting and guiding, she is on top of it! Even managing a tough steal from the other team, saving hers from a turnover.

On the other side, SAS, with some enthusiastic cheers and advice from the parents, put their tall players to work and get some shots in themselves. “Have fun girls!” one parent yells from the lower bleachers, as they take serious passes around the basket. Soon enough SAS’s girls are shooting across on their long legs and scoring. Communication being fluent and constant, the teams fight for the ball and get in those passes and shoots.

A tired and easygoing audience keep up with the game with the occasional clacks of their clackers. A couple of younger siblings are present, and show their loyalty in their seats. A couple of members of the audience do a couple of stretches to keep themselves just as engaged as the players, clappers start to clack again. Falling SAS players give no thought into the pain and keep getting up, and soon enough by the end of the second quarter are leading by 10 points. Somewhere a croaking chicken cheers on the rivals.

ISB yell random gibberish when confronted with SAS players, managing to distract them, but not for long. ISB’s use of pivoting is also a great addition to the team, creating space and time for the passes and baskets to occur. Their team spirit is impeccable and does not deter from faith as the players keep cheering each other on, even when the numbers of 18 against 40 are not in their favor. “Hustle ladies, you gotta hustle!” a male audience member says clapping them on.

The game ends with SAS winning, but the small and loyal crowd cheer no less for ISB.