SAS vs ISB Boys 7:30 am Day 1

As the first game of the IASAS Tournament began, the crowd buzzed with excitement. The sound of cheering and the noisemakers from the parents characterize the true sportsmanship and spirit of these games. The game begins and SAS’s No. 16 struggled with a pass and tried to shoot but missed. SAS displayed their strategy with clean overhead passes in a triangular formation whilst ISB showed strong defence. ISB ran back and forth and eventually shot a quick two-pointer. SAS followed but missed their two points as ISB solidly defended their basket. No. 13 from SAS and No. 15 from ISB struggle for the ball and fall out. ISB struggled to shoot but eventually scored another two points. At the end of first half, the score is 17-8 to SAS. With lots of hustling, the both teams push forward but SAS maintained their lead. SAS surges ahead with many three pointers, but ISB maintained solid defence. In the last two minutes of the third quarter, the score was 53-18. Within the first minute of the last quarter, SAS had already scored four points. ISB countered with a layup, scoring two points and leaving the score at 66-22, still in favour of SAS. Although ISB made a valiant effort, scoring a few more points, SAS kept their defense strong until the very last second, winning the game at 71-28.