JIS vs ISM Girls 7:30 am Day 1

The first girls game of the season and it was early in the morning, however the energy was still extremely high. ISM and JIS played a tough game as the crowd was intensely watching. Three minutes in, JIS made their first basket, and two minutes later both teams were tied, starting the anticipation for the remaining hour. The sound of the ISM drums and chanting resonated with the crowd, and the waving of green and white pom-poms keeping up the hype. #13 from JIS made a free throw and did not succeed, however making a basket right after. The two teams constantly cheered each other on and the coaches yelled at their respective teams, motivating them to succeed and push harder to score a basket. As free throws were played and the game went on, the crowds became tense and with more successes, the cheers became even louder. #11 from ISM made two free throws and successfully scored each time, receiving cheers from the crowd. Energy rose as teams filed in to support other teams, causing the energy to build up with warmed up teams. Jakarta’s team  “ISM is insanely good and I think this team can beat one of the boys in basketball.” Alvin, ‘17, from ISKL said. With five minutes left in the game, JIS pushed to gain as many points as possible, however with a good game and an anxious ending, Manila won with 52-14.