JIS vs ISM Boys 5:20pm Day 1

The hot, sweaty, sticky surface of the blue top squeaks under the tread of Jakarta Intercultural School and the International School of Manila. The boys are at the height of concentration as JIS grabs the ball. They get their first 4 points in a matter of seconds, but ISM follows closely behind. Almost as soon as #15 from ISM scored the first 2 points, #25 from JIS scored three. This game of one uppence went on for some time, until finally the score hit 30 for both teams. This was when Jakarta took the apparent lead in the game, quickly jumping from 30 to 51 in a matter of 5 minutes. JIS player #25 scored their last basket of the game, giving the dragons a lead of 53 to the bearcat’s 32. However, Manila stuck it out to the end, trying for free throws and working fantastically as a unit. The underdogs even scored the last points of the game, trying to close the gap to 34 points. The JIS team proudly wore the number 15 on their arms in honour of one of their teammates who couldn’t make it to KL for Family reasons. It truly is amazing to see the comradeship that comes with being part of a team in the IASAS schools, and ISKL is all the better for it.