JIS vs ISKL (Girls) 6:40pm Day 1

It’s the evening now and the intense game between JIS and ISKl are to happen on the battlefield. The baskets seem just as tired, as they prevent shots from going through, keeping scores at a constant standstill for lengthy periods of time. ISKl instantly takes the lead with 4 points, a mere two minutes into the game. But right after, JIS makes a comeback by scoring themselves.

Christina ‘19 from ISKL makes a swift catch in the air and performs a smooth layup, keeping the team in the lead. Gaining an abundant number of free throws during the next quarter, ISKL makes most in, creating additional growth between the scores. The smaller and fast JIS players dance around the area, hunting for their own victory.

Maya, it seems, gets hit in the face by a flying ball and takes a hard fall to the ground, where she remains until the game pauses. She gets up, supported by her team, and is taken to the medical corner for examination. A respectful cheer and uplifting applause take place on her behalf. Worn out but eager to see the game through with their best, the teams keep up their energy levels. Sprinting from side to side as the clock ticks, while baskets start to flow in, the game receives signs of life from the audience as hoots and hollers sound across the gym.

A 3-pointer by ISKL furthers their lead with a 28 against 4. Slightly dissuaded but not giving up, JIS seek to prove themselves and string out their best. Number 6 from JIS takes a grueling drive down, but stands back up saying, “I’m ok,” even as she pinches her nose and winces painfully. Towards the end of the second quarter, Maya makes a reappearance, back on her feet and letting nothing get in her way.

Cheers begin to pick up towards the third quarter, and rings of encouraging words bounce across the court. Waving their arms around, and performing personal jumping jacks for their opponents, the game continues. One member gets driven to a crouch by ISKL players, and finds support unexpectedly sweep across her vision and with a leap of faith – probably noticing the same black colored outfits – passes the ball to the safe hands of her team members. Their faith pays off, as they pick up their pace and achieve baskets in a short amount of time, bringing up their score to 12, against ISKL’s 38.

With a couple more missed chances towards the end, JIS dwindles in stamina for a moment, as ISKL Girl’s keep fighting, leading to the end result of 16 to 52. An inspirational and strong game for the ISKL Girls.