JIS vs TAS Girls 1:20pm Day 1

The game began with an apprehensive wait. The scoreboards where delayed, and the game was running behind schedule. The athletes waited with hands on their hips for the game to start. A ball was thrust into the air. Taipei was the first team to get their hands on the ball. This perhaps foreshadowed the rest of the game, for Taipei dominated. Despite Taipei’s quick start, JIS was the first team to score, beginning with one of their strongest players number fifteen. A returning sophomore on the team, number fifteen was a starter and a leader on the court. Despite the first shot by Jakarta, TAS quickly asserted their superiority in ball control and aim. Unfortunately JIS lost spirit, causing a spiral of air balls and fouls. Both teams were running a zone defense, yet throughout most of the game Jakarta struggled to mark players like number 5 playing for the Taipei team, who often scored long two pointers or straight up 3 pointers.


Unfortunately not only was Jakarta’s defense lacking but also their family’s support. Throughout the game the girls on the sidelines actually yelled across the court to get the attention of their parents. Finally they sent a mother as their messenger who then told the whole crowd of parents to cheer—for their daughter’s sakes. They came up with a measly “go dragons”. This added to the gloomy atmosphere as the girls on JIS slowly gave up hope. However it is worth noting that this team did have their strong players and the potential to turn things around. This game ruled in Taipei’s favor ending in a whopping score of fifty-seven against Jakarta who barely made it to the twenty’s. Both teams were very sportsmanlike and often picked each other up off of the floor when things got too physical. This was a great start for Taipei, and a sad wake up call for Jakarta, who will really have to dig deep for the next game.