ISKL vs SAS Girls 8:50am Day 1

At 8:50 am, the ISKL and SAS girls started off their first game of IASAS. Although the ISKL team had cheers of support from the bleachers, the parents of SAS were equally as enthusiastic. The gym filled with the sounds of rattlers, chanting, squeaking from a rubber chicken held by an SAS parent. The game started off with a score by #13 of SAS. After 2 consecutive baskets by SAS, #14 from ISKL scored a free throw. The first half of the game ended 21-12 to SAS. During the 3rd and 4th quarter, both teams fought hard for possession, showing good defence as well. In the 4th quarter, tensions were high as #22 of ISKL scored an equalizing basket, making it 27-27. The game ended with 34-43 to SAS. Both ISKL and SAS supporters were pleased with the outcome, as both teams played well. Lily, ‘17 from ISKL confidently said, “I think our girls played amazing, and it was an extremely close game, and even though SAS won, they had to really really work for it. And they didn’t win because they outplayed ISKL, they won because there were a few intercepted passes, and a few fast breaks that just made the game. I think if our girls played them again, we could definitely beat them. Cole Derksen, ‘16 from SAS said, “Over the past couple of years, especially since I’ve been seeing them, they’ve been getting better each and every year. And this year, to be so competitive, I think it’s really cool – especially in front of their home crowd.” On how SAS played, Cole replied, “Um, I think they played pretty well. I definitely think that ISKL gave us a bit of a challenge, especially in the third quarter, and like, the beginning of the fourth, like tying up, I think that was pretty good, but I think they played our style of basketball.”

What a game to kick off ISKL and SAS’s IASAS! Good luck to both teams for their upcoming games