ISKL vs SAS Boys 1:20pm Day 1

The ISKL Panthers took the stage with SAS. Starting off with multiple attempted shots from both sides, the scores stick to 2-3, with SAS leading. The filled gymnasium booms along with every step the players take, for both teams. During the second quarter, competition got heated up, as the slowly falling behind ISKL team recovered by shooting two 3-pointers in a row. Followed by two more, one by our very own Seamus ‘18, after a small interference where SAS took another shot to their unstoppable – and rising – 31 points. Cheers rose for the panthers, as the middle schoolers arrived and, with uncontainable enthusiasm, cheered on their role model giants. Barely contained and large in numbers – perhaps not size – they filled up the front rows and applauded every small step ISKL took towards victory. Bringing in their faith and posters and along with the loud and supportive SAS parents, the sound was ricocheting off the walls. SAS players, tall and strong, threw in layups as often as they could, eventually gaining a large lead in the game. With their team spirit not dwindling and barely tired postures withstanding any physical effects of the game, barrelled on, their coach right behind them. ISKL got in another three pointer barely a minute before the end of the third quarter. “They have scored more 3-pointers than actual shots!” Vanaalika ‘18 comments, astonished. With balls flying into shots – and also into the crowd from time to time – the cheers increased as the game drew to its last quarter. Fierce and loyal SAS parents yelled on their encouragement and rang their cowbells and blew into their horns. The game ended with an attempted 3-pointer from ISKL, and with an ending of 40-83, with SAS winning by 43 points. A challenging yet effort filled game.