ISKL vs ISM Boys 10:10am Day 1

The crowd was buzzing, cheering on the much anticipated first game for the home team: The ISKL Panther Boys. The game was set against ISM, and the two teams met in at half court for a jump ball. The game started and there was a roar from the crowd, who immediately started to cheer on their panthers. An exciting start to set up for a great game. It was a close game as the clock was counting down the seconds from halftime. ISKL had possession and in an attempt to increase their lead going into the half, Aman ‘16 nailed a three to send ISKL into halftime up 45-40 over the ISM Bearcats. The crowd let out a deafening roar, and cheered on ISKL throughout halftime. The second half started and ISKL continued to increase their lead. A few three pointers from Sam ‘16, helped ISKL keep a comfortable lead, until ISM started to stage a comeback. The game was brought back to a close score, and both teams kept fighting until ISKL went on a run in the fourth quarter. With ISKL up, ISM started to foul in an attempt to make a comeback. It came down to the final few seconds, but ISKL held on to a 58-52 lead to win their first game of the IASAS tournament in a thriller of a game between ISKL and ISM.