ISKL vs ISB Girls 2:40pm Day 1

The court rang with screams. ISB began filled with energy, every muscle in their bodies was working against ISKL. The crowd was filled with enthusiastic middle school students, a sprinkle of high school students and a lot of faculty and staff. The atmosphere was in ISKL’s favor as a strong home crowd displayed its support for our basketball teams. This was the second game for the ISKL girls but they looked unphased by this mornings loss, tackling this game with new vigor and composure that shocked the crowds. We dominated throughout the game making various impressive shots that left the audience in awe. This came especially from Christine Mangelsdorf as the freshman proved that she can roll with the big girls. She stood out because of her full court runs and her aggressive energy that led to the overall eagerness of the girls basketball team.

Both teams ran a two-three defensive zone, however it was executed perfectly by the ISKL team. While the ISB girls began with passion they eventually ran out of energy lacking a crucial support system—which the ISKL team had in abundance. Number seventeen from the Bangkok school went as far as thrusting her body towards the floor causing her face to graze the ground trying to keep the ball in play. Unfortunately her efforts were not reciprocated by the rest of her team, as they quickly ceased to put their minds into the game. After a long and tiring game for the Bangkok girls one can only hope that they brush this loss off and come back stronger tomorrow. As for the ISKL girls they continue to make this school proud.