ISB vs JIS Boys 12:00pm Day 1

As the Bangkok Panthers and the Jakarta Dragons started their match, the aura of expectations and beginners luck took hold. Five minutes into the first quarter JIS was off to a lucky start with the score being 7-0. Though class had started off elsewhere, the bleachers slowly filled up and cheers rang through – directly coming from the spectating parents and the ISB and JIS girls teams. Speedy and efficient with their baskets, JIS rang shot after shot as their coach yelled encouragingly, “Swing it! Swing it!” They sure swung it – hoop after hoop. Undoubtedly skillful with their layups, one member faced a hard fall during the end, but got up with the support of his peers. “They literally threw themselves on the floor,” Camille ‘18 stated in amused wonder at the dedication these boys had on the court. Slowly, the high schoolers trailed in and further life and an air of initiated competition took hold of the competitors. “It’s very intense, and they seem very determined to win,” Leilani ’18 comments, contrasting it to the earlier games she has seen. “It’s a bit stressful right now,” coach Tara of the ISB Girls basketball says, gesturing to the scores: 7 to 28. Even so, she grinned and cheered on with the rest of the ISB Girl’s, who seemed not in the least bit disheartened by the numbers. ISB Girls, Megan and Davie were part of the loud cheers.  “We’re fighting for it,” Megan commented, as her friend, Davie said, “Everyone out there is trying their very best.” They watched, cheering their school on, as well as mentally preparing themselves for their own game later on this afternoon. As the game came towards its end and the stakes rose, ISB attempted to come through with a comeback. Despite their very best efforts, JIS won with a 55 to ISB’s 18. A good and heartfelt game, nonetheless.