IASAS Basketball Opening Ceremony 11:30am

Iman IASAS Basketball LogoAs the opening ceremonies begun, the crowd stood up and watched as the ISKL singers sung the national anthem of Malaysia: Negaraku. After the minute and a half of the national anthem, the crowd sat back down to hear a faint whistling. While first unclear, the crowd quickly recognized the familiar whistle riff of the song Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin. The whistling turned became voices mimicking the same riff, then proceeded into the chorus. The crowd was quickly bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to the familiar catchy reggae tune of the song. Lily ‘17 took the first solo and Robert ‘18 took the second. Robert proceeded to step forward and give a motivational pep talk to the athletes, telling them not to worry if they missed a basket or lost a game, but to focus on your next one, because that is what really matters. After his pep talk, the crowd began to cheer as the song finished and the singers exited the court.

After the crowd calmed back down, one member of each IASAS team stood up to read the IASAS code of conduct.

The mood then quickly changed as the lights dimmed and a picture came up on the projector. The video – put together by the video production crew – showed the ISKL IASAS basketball athletes training and preparing for the upcoming tournament, with a man talking in the background, backed by music. The voice was a man attempting to motivate, and with clips of the athletes training on the court and in the gym seemed to do the trick.

As the ceremony came to a close, Mr. Farrington came up to wish the athletes well in this IASAS basketball tournament.