ISKL Touch Rugby Invitational 2016

Varsity Girls 2016

The Rugby/Touch Rugby Invitational commenced last Friday night as Marlborough College and the ISKL girls battled it out in front of a huge home crowd. The bright overhead lights and rain only increased the intensity of the tournament as our varsity ladies beat Marlborough College 8-2. ISKL was filled to capacity as nine boisterous squads vied for the first place title. Bright and early the following morning, our junior varsity and varsity girls launched off the tournament competing in the first six games as the spectators roared with cheers and chants hoping for victory. Our varsity ladies were victorious against Alice Smith in their next match with a score of 6-3. In our junior varsity squad’s first playoff, they competed triumphantly, keeping the MKIS varsity team in the lead by only one point the entire game with a final score of 2-1. As the day continued the blazing sun swiftly seized the protection of the shade on the field. It was because of the perseverance and dedication inhabited in our varsity girls, that they were able to come back after being 2-0 down by Marlborough college. As the heat waves became visible to the naked eye and every competitor’s feet on fire, the crowds became even rowdier as the ISKL junior varsity girls were prepared to show the ISKL varsity ladies what they’ve accomplished this season. Needless to say, the stakes were high for both squads as they prepared for a match to see who would come out on top. The junior varsity’s high quality rucking attracted compliments from the varsity coaches and many in the audience. After a lot of “oohs” and “ahs” the competitive nature of both teams made for an interesting game as the varsity ladies continued their winning streak. One thing’s for sure, the players on the junior varsity squad would make fierce competitors on the varsity team next year!

JV Girls Touch 2016

The ISKL JV finished off their tournament with a high after winning the championship game against Marlborough College with a stunning 5-0 score. “This was our last game together, and the last JV game Mrs.Smith would ever coach, so we all gave it everything and experimented with tricks we learned all season”, laughed Alejandra Moreno. Unfortunately, following the match with the ISKL JV, the varsity girls squad went from fifteen players to eleven after acquiring multiple injuries during the day. With an undefeated score record, the ISKL varsity ladies and MKIS would battle it out for the first place position. To do this, MKIS and ISKL would play two highly intense games against each other. “I think that my favourite game was against MKIS because we all pulled together as a team, tried our best and did some pretty cool moves”, India Cooper stated happily. Between the many subs lost for ISKL, and MKIS saving their stronger players for the finals, our varsity girls won the first game 4-0. As both squads prepared for the highly anticipated final match, harsh rain, lightening, and thunder suddenly struck. The competitors from opposing squads evacuated the field quickly. Sadly, the tournament would be cancelled at 4:45 p.m, before the finals.

This invitational was the last tournament that the rugby/touch rugby varsity girls and boys would experience before IASAS on the 27th – 31st of January. As the IASAS contenders began preparing to attend the most important tournament of the season in Jakarta, a last minute change of venue was needed. This past week, Jakarta and many around the world have been mourning the loss of their loved ones after a suicide bomber injured 24 and killed at least two (according to CNN) in a western area near JIS. With safety precautions in mind, the IASAS schools decided to move the tournament to Manila.