Get Ready for TEDxISKL 2016!

For the second time ever, we will be hosting our very own TEDxISKL. Riding the momentum of last year’s successful conference, the TEDxISKL team will be pulling out all the stops to make this year’s theme, “Today Tomorrow”, shine.

As the head of this year’s TEDx team, senior Sonja E. has taken quite a large responsibility in organizing and facilitating the event. As a part of the process last year as well, she said, “This year was way easier because we had the structure set aside from last year so a lot of the things were slightly altered but we had that framework from the beginning, so I think Moa had to do a lot more work than I did.”

With the theme of “Today Tomorrow”, this year’s conference hopes to evoke plans and ideas for the future no matter what the concept. Sonja said, “I think it will change people’s perception of what they think those words might mean. So the initial thinking is that it means a futuristic, science endeavour but I believe it’s a lot more than that so we’re trying to incorporate things that we can do now like teaching students or looking at schools or just reflecting on yourself that will affect future premises.”

This year’s conference includes some notable speakers who bring their unique perspectives on a variety of different issues. One, Marina Mahathir, the daughter of Malaysia’s former prime minister and a human rights advocate, will be breaking down stereotypes about Muslim women and how they affect our society. Another speaker, ISKL’s very own Strings and IB Music teacher Vincent Cee, will discuss the way musical and visual arts can be applied in collaboration of the future. Along with a myriad of intellectual and vibrant other speakers, TEDxISKL will bring forth new and innovative concepts that we could potentially apply in the future.

Two high school seniors, Hugh Baillie and Nishanth Selvalingam will also have the opportunity to speak at the conference. Whilst Hugh will delve into the rise of artificial intelligence in the technical realm, Nish will be recounting his travels and experiences that led him to seeking an internal happiness. He said, “It seemed to me that there was nothing more worthwhile in our lives than to figure out how to do that [finding happiness]. I thought I would share how happiness seems most accessible to me.” Having this alternate take on an informational speech further emphasizes the diverse messages spread through TEDxISKL.

As the event unfolds on the afternoon of January 23rd, ISKL will be swarming with people from all over the city, from all walks of life as they strive to learn and discover. Be there to experience it!