International Fest.

International Fest proved to be a hit with countless activities and patriotic shows on November 14th. Parents came bright and early to set up counters that served traditional savory foods from countries like Venezuela all the way over to Lebanon. Curious students and family members had the amazing chance of trying different foods from all over the world without even having to travel. With fair prices, it was rare to find someone without food in their hands throughout the day! Many students commented about which foods were spicier or sweeter than their home countries traditional food. By even experiencing a country like Vietnam, one could share with it’s patriotic citizens food like “pho”  and the traditional customs behind it.


The festival started with students from elementary school all the way to high school seniors carrying the flag that represented them the most. A huge parade marched around the school proudly, as flashes from numerous cameras tried to capture the moment. It was absolutely amazing to see students of all ages be unified by their love of where they came from and the need to share it. After the parade, many people gathered around some of the flag holders to ask about their favorite memories from where they considered home. Our diverse school sparked the curiosity amongst the students wanting to know more about cultures they never heard about! This festival provided an awareness about many customs and traditions. There were flags from Finland, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, just to name a few.


After the parade, all of the activities started up in the field, the blue top, and right in front of the athletics office! Family and friends started trickling in one by one until ISKL was packed even with visitors coming from different schools or extended family members! Laughter and screams filled up the space as friends and family pulled each other to go down the slip n slide, buy some souvenirs, or try new foods. There were jewerly, swimsuits, paintings, socks, and countless other trinkets that received long lines by excited customers. Walking past the athletics office, Prom Com had a miniature photo booth where friends could dress up in funky glasses, hats, and mustaches! With the photobooth, it gave everyone a way to remember international fest and to keep some fun memories with close friends. Others loved the slip n slide, where swimsuits were bought just to create competition of who could slide the farthest. It was such an exciting activity that the majority of students just participated in the clothes they came in, walking around dripping with water after a nice cool down. It allowed high schoolers and middle schoolers to interact with each other and allow their inner kid to come out and cool off on a very hot day. Next to the slip in slide, friends were running around in an uncrowded area playing sports and enjoying each others company with their host country’s shirts on. It really showed how diverse our school is.

Finally, throughout the entire day cultural dances, modeling shows, and singing took place on the main stage at the high school decks. Students came out in their traditional clothes and posed for a very packed and rowdy audience that were never short on round of applauses. Cultural dances brought in the most crowds as the audience clapped along with the happy performers. There was even some taekwondo that took place! The stage was such a popular sight to see, that all the TV’s around the school were live streaming the fun, just in case anyone was missing it!

It was truly an amazing time to see our school come together and celebrate the different backgrounds enabling students to laugh and share their favorite parts of their home countries. International Fest was an event that everyone is still buzzing about and many students cannot wait to experience again next year. Thank you to all the parents and staff who made the day so memorable! See you next year!