On the week of November 12 to 14, delegates from ISKL’s IASAS MUN team traveled to Bangkok to compete in the IASAS MUN conference. Despite the large turnover of members that will ensue following the end of the school year, it is safe to say there were many highlights from this experience.  From four year IASAS participants to first year delegates, everyone was in agreement that this three day trip to Bangkok was one to be remembered.

Much to the joy of many IASAS MUN participants, this years conference took place at the UNESCAP building in Bangkok, the official building for UN conferences in South East Asia. Just being in the building alone stood as manys highlights of the trip, including four year IASAS participant Min Woo ‘16. “It was a brilliant and gorgeous place, we had real microphones where the actual UN delegates speak. Just being there alone was unbelievable.” Freshman and Seniors alike were in awe of the building. “The building itself was huge, but I guess that’s one of the characteristics of an actual UN building.” With this being his last IASAS MUN, Min Woo felt this was a great way to go out.

This wasn’t just Min Woo’s last MUN conference. ISKL is also saying goodbye to Mr. Fisher, who has been a long time member of the MUN community here at ISKL. Min Woo, who has worked with Mr. Fisher for four years can personally attest to his meaningfulness to MUN.“I would say he is more than just a supervisor. He has been someone who has inspired all of us to do better, as well as just having fun, because MUN can be intimidating at times. Presenting in front of all those people isn’t easy, but he has helped us overcome that fear, as well as keep us loose.” Any MUN participant can vouch for Mr. Fishers importance to the success of the MUN program at ISKL. “He’s been a treasure to our ISKL MUN program, and its been an absolute pleasure to work with him these past four years. His presence will be greatly missed.”

With all the goodbye’s looming at the end of the conference, ISKL’s MUN team tried to block those negative thoughts out of their minds and just focus on the moment. “What was there was unbelievable, from getting to experience what MUN was like in an actual UN building, to the conference itself, we just tried to keep it loose, because even with all the work, MUN is FUN.”

With a number of seniors leaving at the end of this year, there is about to be a large turnover of students in ISKL’s MUN program. As seniors look back at their last few years in MUN, and what they would have wanted to know their first year of MUN, one common theme shows up. “Never be intimidated. Whether it’s by the nervousness of presenting, or the senior class.” Min Woo states. “The seniors have way more experience than you do, and you learn from them. You learn from your mistakes, you learn from just watching them. Learn from your seniors, because they are a confident group of people who you can learn a lot from.”

Whether this was your first, your last, or just another conference, this IASAS MUN was certainly one filled with memorable experiences. And as a number of members are moving on, these three days in Bangkok were certainly three to remember.