Josh, ‘18, went to Bhutan this year and had lots of fun with his GAP members. His favourite GAP moment was during their service project, when a small group of the village kids asked him to wrestle one of his friends. It happened while they were on one of their breaks from their service project which was to build a swing. During this they started to play with the children who were nearby and watching. A group of the younger kids came over to him and asked him to wrestle one of his friends. Being a good sport, he did just that. “They all thought I was a wrestler, because they thought I was really strong,” he remembers. After the mini-match, the kids flocked him, trying to get him to sign their hands with his signature. “There were smiles everywhere and it was super cute and really fun!” Josh says. He will never forget this memorable experience with the kids.

Cambodia GAP 2015

Hannah, ‘17, went on her last GAP this year to Cambodia. “It was for IB French Students and it was nice,” she said.  Her highlight was when most of the girls on her trip got stuck in a hotel elevator together for a full 20 minutes! “Being stuck in the elevator was one of the scariest, but funniest moments of my life,” she notes, still laughing at the memory. Despite the short period of time, they all managed to get really close. “It was really scary but we all bonded,” she explains.  They managed to get out safely, cheering as the elevator doors were pried open. Despite the enclosement, managed to become closer friends afterwards. Hannah also enjoyed going to the small village and meeting the families there as well as playing with the cute puppies. Not to mention the service they did, which was building a house for newlyweds. She found the experience to be an enjoyable one. “We went back at the end of every day grateful for everything we have at home,” she said gratefully.


Lucy, ‘18, went to Manado for her GAP trip this year. Though she didn’t know all the people on her site to begin with, she got to make new friends with people she otherwise would not have gotten to know. When asked about the highlight of her trip, she decided on choosing the day when they got to see spinner dolphins! “It was our last day and we decided we would go snorkelling because we hadn’t seen any mammals,” she said. They took a small boat and travelled out to sea to find dolphins. At the end, the whole group was tired. Fortunately, after about an hour a whole group of spinner dolphins showed up really close to their boat. Despite the exhausting wait, when the dolphins finally showed up, the moods of all the students changed. “A whole group of dolphins were swimming really close to our boat and it was amazing and they were so cute!” She exclaimed. Definitely, a brilliant sight to witness during GAP.


Sophia, ‘19, went on her first GAP this year – all the way to Cambodia! When asked about one of the highlights on her trip, she answered, “My favourite moment was when we visited Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world!”. Being the largest religious monument in the world, it is no wonder that this Buddhist temple complex was an overwhelming sight. “It was really pretty,” Sophia agreed. Another moment from her GAP experience that really stood out was when she had to eat a plateful of insects for an activity they called ‘the ‘Amazing race’. They had to go through some bizarre obstacles to win, one being eating nasty insects! “It wasn’t the best but it was challenging,” Sophia comments. On the menu were: crickets, silkworms and frogs, as well as fermented fish with red ants. Yum! Surprisingly, when asked if she liked it, Sophia recalled that the gushy after taste of silkworm tasted unexpectedly like chicken. “Yeah, the aftertaste is good.”