Early Grads

After this semester, the senior class of 2016 will be missing five special faces. These five seniors below are taking the plunge and graduating eary from ISKL. They have goals in mind, plans to achieve them and motivation beyond belief. Each with different trajectories, the seniors are facing life head-on in December rather than graduating in May, as per usual. It is imperative to recognize the dedication and hard work these students have put in to graduate early. With their exciting involvement around campus, these five students will definitely be missed. We can only wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


Kaelen Azhari has been a student in ISKL since the first grade. With just a semester short of being a “lifer”, he will be graduating in December to pursue his dreams of working in the hospitality business. Before heading off to Taylor’s University for it’s hospitality program, he plans on taking a gap year. During his year off, he will be interning for his family’s car company for 6 months, and then to Peru to live with his grandmother and improve on his spanish. After interning in Switzerland at a hotel, he plans on returning to Malaysia. While he is moving on to pursue big things, Kaelen won’t forget the past 12 years in ISKL. He says, “I’ve had my ups and downs, but every single time I doubted myself, my teachers and friends – everyone in this school – have raised my hopes up to believe in something, and have always pushed me forward to achieving my goals, and to look on the brighter side.” All the best to Kaelen and his future endeavours!


Rebecca Blundon is one of few that will be saying goodbye to ISKL earlier than most; she’s graduating! She’s made this decision due to her family being relocated to the U.S. over christmas break, and she doesn’t want to start a whole new school in the most monumental last few months for anyone in school. She’s planning to spend the time she has left before her university, Wichita State University, experiencing what the world has to offer without being at school from 8AM to 3PM. What she’ll miss most about Malaysia and ISKL, is the amazing people she’s met and her friends that she holds dear to her heart. Her one piece of advice for underclassmen for their high school years is to do the best they can to not procrastinate and stay ahead on any of their work. The ISKL community will greatly miss Rebecca and her family and  hopes that she enjoys her last few weeks in Malaysia.


Erin Edwards will be dearly missed but will enrich the lives of many primary students very soon. Throughout her five year stay in ISKL, Erin has many great memories that will last her a lifetime. Her best experiences by far were occasions where she had the ability to explore different cultures through GAP. However, her close aspects of KL that she will miss the most. “I’ve met amazing people who I hope to have as my friends for a very long time.”

After graduation, Erin will begin her new journey in Virginia and work as a substitute teacher until a lucky university accepts her. Although she doesn’t know what university she will be attending yet, she has her heart set out to become an elementary school teacher. “I think school is really important and having a good teacher who’s passionate about their job makes all the difference,” Erin explained. We know Erin will be definitely succeed, and will be missed greatly by her friends.


The universities in Japan start in April, making Sayuri Iwasaki work extra hard this semester in order to graduate early. This will allow her to make it in time for the university year. In order to graduate early, one must complete a whole year’s worth of credits within one semester. With math and science complete, she is now focusing on her English. She is sure about one thing, as she says confidently, “I’m going to study English.” With a passion for writing, she wants hands-on experiences before diving into her opportunities. She prefers to participate in smaller tasks. “If I can find some jobs to do creative things, that’s what I would do.” She is also considering teaching, something she’s thought about since she was young. She states, “Many Japanese people don’t know how to speak English so I want to teach them.” After just one semester, she is going to move back to Tokyo Japan. There, she will study English through a variety of methods. We wish this aspiring writer the best of luck!


Sarah Lipp, an ISKL student for just a year, has certainly made the most of it. She’s encircled herself with a great group of friends who she will miss more than anything, although she’ll only be a hop, skip and a jump away as she furthers her ISKL experience by working in the nurses’ office at Melawati, striving to kiss all the boo-boos and apply bandages to any paper cuts. When asked what she’ll miss most about ISKL, Sarah responded: “The food we have in the canteen!” Aside from a good word for Cheeku, she also attributes her happiness here to her best friends, Kaelen and Nicole. She’ll still be in KL thankfully, and we won’t have to miss her too much. We wish the best to Sarah during this exciting time!