Reintroducing: The Panther Hut

For as long as many can remember, the booster hut has been something that was heard and known about but never really seen.  It was open every now and again and the most you would buy that was ISKL memorabilia were the hoodies, athletic wear and bags. This year, the booster hut has been totally transformed to a new and improved work of art! With a relocation, redesign and rename to Panther Hut, there is no doubt that ISKL has more spirit.

A voting poll was sent out to the Middle and High school to vote on the new name of the hut, with ptions such as the Panther Pit, Booster Hut and Panther hut. The most popular name voted for was Panther Hut, which is what the PTA ended up using. However, the logo is still to be determined.

The Panther hut is now located where the human-sized chess board once was. “It’s prime  real estate!” Gillian Sinclair, a PTA member, cheerily said as she talked about the new location. The  hut has let go of its brick structure and adopted sleek, glass walls and bright lights, which are as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) put in a lot of effort to take it together, therefore they  now have shifts in order to keep the hut open for as long as possible. “There’s a morning shift and an afternoon shift. I like to have two mums per shift.” Mrs. Sinclair explained, as it’s open every weekday and almost seems like it never closes! The hard work and effort that these parents put into this hut is something that the entire community is proud of and happily supports.

The PTA put a lot of hard work into designing and ordering the ISKL Merchandise. This being said, the new merchandise looks better than ever, with items such as stationary, flip-flops, computer cases, and the long-awaited Camelbak bottles. It’s a common tradition to buy one when visiting an IASAS school, and now that ISKL has these bottles in blue with the ISKL logo printed on the side, so many people are buying that and proudly displaying it now.

“The camelbaks are really nice.” Mrs. Murphy, another PTA member, said.

However, the popular items vary among High School and Middle School, due to different priorities and rules Middle Schoolers must follow.

“I would have to say the T-Shirts cause that’s the one I’ve always bought.” Mrs. Sinclair

“Computer cased are the most popular in Middle School,” Mrs. Murphy explained, whereas “hoodies are still the biggest.”

Recently, the Panther Hut sold flowers for the High School musical Anything Goes, and for many other events popcorn was sold. Their plans to raise and keep the spirit among the community to continue supporting each other is evident and they are succeeding extremely well! We have yet to see the plans that the Panther Hut has in store for IASAS events, and the community is very excited to see what they have up their sleeve.

The re-opening is the start of something greater than just the hut, and families visiting will be happy to see that ISKL has so much spirit within the community and beyond.