Play and Learn

Today, many applications are very useful in school. Even though some parents and teachers worry that playing games is just a distraction to students, many game creators continue working on creating educational games for students to increase their critical thinking. Here are a list of ISKL facilitators’ favourite apps for education.

Mr. Chris Goodman, one of the best known science teachers at ISKL,  uses many internet sources for students to learn science. He describes using applications as a tool to teach in the class, “I think teachers should use many different ways to help students to understand topics, and a lot of that starts with enjoying it and having fun”. 

Mr. Goodman suggests Socrative. By using the application, students can share and collect  their information with their teachers through their phones, computer, and tablets. Generally, competitions and teamwork motivate students to learn. Mr. Goodman thinks that some educational games as useful apparatus for study because they have various functions for students to play without losing their interests. For example in some learning games, players can get points and rewards by practicing learning materials. This pushes the students that they would do their best to memorize things to get higher scores on games.

One of the most idealistic rewards that motivates students to make an effort to win in a game could be homework passes. “I honestly don’t think I could get through a school year without a single homework pass because I can be forgetful at times with all the tests and exams” says Min Ji Kim of the class of 2016. She also mentioned that sweets could be another motivation for her to try her best in these educational games, but she also added that that can’t possibly be for all students.

Another Mr. Goodman’s favorite application is Flubaroo, which he uses for grading multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments quickly. It is the best way to make multiple question quizzes on google forms. Moreover, Educreations is one of the best applications to upload videos. Mr. Goodman usually uploads science videos for his students. By watching the videos students are able to use more class time to do valuable works such as problem solving and asking questions when they come to class.

However,  The most popular applications for students are Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad and Quizlet. Students can share and read stories on Wattpad. The application is the best way to discover, learn, and connect students through words. It has thousands of stories in different languages.

Some students might think remembering tons of vocabulary is hard and impossible. No worries. By using one of the useful application, Quizlet, you can learn and remember through flashcards and games. This is the best application for high school students because there is a lot of information for various subjects.

Today, students can use many educational games everywhere at anytime through their smartphones, tablets, and laptop. The reason why professors and teachers recommend using educational applications is for students to increase their knowledge and understanding. So we have to use such games with our friends, sharing and helping each other to increase our ability to learn. If you use only textbooks for your study, you might get tired. However you would be interested, memorize fast, and concentrate on your work without losing your interests if you play educational games.

Technology has been developing rapidly and is becoming very useful. Therefore, by using the developed technology at school, it makes our time in class more efficient, allowing us to use class time to think more in depth and find new ideas.  However still in many schools, especially schools that enforce strict school rules on using internet, remains as an obstacle, many teachers at ISKL including Mr. Goodman recommend students to use useful educational applications in order to allow students to realize that studying school materials is interesting. So let’s find and use good applications and be a clever student at ISKL!