New Teacher – Ms. Heidi Palms

New Teacher Heidi Palms

Ms. Heidi Palms’ move to Malaysia had a big impact on her, especially coming from Minneapolis. Despite the huge cultural shift caused by her move, Miss Palms is a positive person and very fun. When it comes to something she loves and cherishes, she is determined to fight for it. Her passion is for the environment. When asked about her opinion on the haze in Malaysia, she started off, “ I think our world is facing many conversations about the environment. I think we need to continue to look for ways to coexist.“ It is obvious that she has strong thoughts and opinions on the ecosystem’s value. When talking about the haze in Malaysia, she talks about the Mississippi River and how beautiful it is. Ms. Palms explains that what she felt about the river and how parts were dirty with damaged the environment, “But it’s a bigger picture, who are we? Although Ms. Palms cares about her environment, she is most keen on education. Back in her old school, Ms. Palms worked with kids in several classes; Social Studies, World History, Math and EAL. “Really just working in the mainstream content and supporting the students so that they could bridge and expand their English language skills to understand the content.” In ISKL now Ms. Palms works in the EAL department and with a few 9th grade classes; Not only does Ms. Palms feel the need to connect with the students, she also thinks it is ideal to get along with the staff and teachers. “ Staff people have been so helpful, helping me be organized, helping me see how to fit in.” She is happy about being in this school, and she is grateful for her students. “The simulation of the kids wanting to learn and being excited about life reminds me of  many things that are good.”

But given the positive attitude and sense of fun that Ms. Palms has brought with her to ISKL and her new life, it is safe to say that she will be loving Malaysia and her new life even more in the days to come.