New Teacher – Mr. Seth Tyler

New Teacher Seth Tyler

Mr. Seth Tyler undoubtedly loves his job, but being in one place for a long time wasn’t so ideal. Coming from Finland after nine years, he and his family were looking for a total culture (and climate) shock. Initially looking at South America as well, he said,  “Asia we knew nothing about so it was a lot of intimidating factors of the unknown, but that’s what made it exciting.” With his children both under 2 years old, Mr. Tyler realized that before their formal education began, “We’ve got four or five years to go and do something and that’s better to do now than later.”

Mr. Tyler didn’t necessarily like math when he was in high school; he was interested in the sciences, then entered university as a philosophy major. There, he “came in contact with Rene Descartes” and unraveled his love for pure mathematics. Mr. Tyler enjoys using basic principles to make conjectures and solve proofs. He said, “There are qualified people to actually prove things that are worthwhile. Personally, I just want to, I think improve my clarity, in proofs.”

Obviously mathematics isn’t Mr. Tyler’s only passion. When asked what event in history he would like to have witnessed, Mr. Tyler responded that he would like to go see the Woodstock concert. He said,“almost any performance, any chance to see him perform”– that would be Jimi Hendrix. Any teacher with a music taste like his will surely bring joy to the maths department.