New Teacher – Mr. Joshua Weiner

Joshua Weiner, seemingly predestined for the tropics. “I started my career working in Hawaii where I met my wife” This led him to work in another warm climate area, Ho Chi Minh city. You would think after living in those areas he would be able to do some hardcore ocean sports, but that hasn’t been the case for Mr. Weiner; “Now that I’m in warm weather I’m going to look into surfing”. A previous snowboarder, surfing is the most logically related sport here in Southeast Asia. Coming from Switzerland, Mr. Weiner was really excited about returning to a warm climate. “Im officially retired from winter”, he said when talking about the move. Even though he may be retired from winter, his two year old son surely hasn’t felt that dramatic change. “I’m just going to say he is excited to be here but I’m not sure if he(his son) really is”. Mr. Weiner really looks forward to this new experience for himself and his family.