New Teacher – Miss Bonnie Lam

Ms. Lam stands at her desk, alert, bubbly, ready to go. Her hair is tied back in a loose ponytail. It’s obvious that she’s an athlete, but more than that, she’s an explorer. “I love to travel and explore, so this job combined my loves,” she explains, “This gives me a chance to immerse myself in the cultures themselves and interact with kids and teachers from all over the world.” Ms. Lam has lived all over the world, originally from Toronto, Canada, and moving to KL from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. As an explorer, transportation is major. In Saudi Arabia women can’t drive. “The first thing I did when I landed after getting an apartment was to get a car, because in Saudi I wasn’t allowed to drive for 3 years and that drove me insane.” She’s enthusiastic to see the country, explore coffee shops, and drive in KL. Ms. Lam, or BLAM, is going to be a valuable addition to ISKL’s PE and Health team.