New Clubs at ISKL

Feminism Club


Have any of you heard about the Free the Nipple Campaign? If you don’t know about it, it’s about promoting the equality of both genders and highlighting the double standards that are placed against girls. Though in a more subtle manner, this is exactly what the new Feminist Club at ISKL, started by two seniors last year, are aiming to do.

“The mission of the ISKL Feminism club is to essentially become a voice for those without one; whether it be the child brides in India or the males affected by sexist double standards that are fed to us daily,” Hannah Arafeh ‘17, the president of the club along with Zarina Angell ‘16, says.

ISKL, being the diverse and welcoming place it is, serves as a great place to start this club and shed light onto these topics. “Many ISKL students come from educated, privileged backgrounds, and their voices really matter and make a difference,” Hannah goes on to say.

“Also, there are a fair amount of boys in the club, which I think says a lot about the open mindedness of the group,” says Jennifer Woolcock ‘18, a constant member of the club.

During the Friday lunch sessions, many interesting and upcoming topics will be discussed, from the wage gap between genders, to catcalling, to serious discussions about abortion. Come join and learn about these topics!



Do you enjoy watching films and then discussing or arguing about them afterwards? Well, Ms. Sarnacki has decided to start a club, Film Club, specifically for those who enjoy doing just that. Watching films and critiquing them together as a group, Ms. Sarnacki holds these meetings during lunches on Friday’s. There are plenty of great movies to watch throughout the year, during suitable and convenient times for the members to gather. Some of the top choices are to watch V for Vendetta, Star Wars, Easy A, and Theory of Everything.

Not only can you talk about the plot and the attractive actors, but also about the acting itself, and how the director expresses his messages through methods of dialogue, action and plot. Originally meant to be for her Language and Literature classes, Ms Sarnacki has extended this group for all grade levels to participate in.

Being a new club, improvements  and suggestions are welcome. When the group first tried to watch a movie together, it was all in French with no subtitles. Despite this, they still managed to have a great meeting and watched several trailers, including the new hero movie, Deadpool, which is coming out in 2016.

‘There are lots of excited members,” Yee Aun Tan ‘18, future treasurer, comments.

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Martial Arts

Mr Nathan Bryant has trained within the art of martial arts since he was 16, under the guidance of the Japanese grandmaster of ninjutsu.

He has started a Martial Arts Club, within the three previous schools he has been to, and is definitely experienced in this field.

These traditional martial arts moves focus on all aspects of your health. “It’s about developing as a person, in all areas. Physical, mental and emotional,” says Mr Bryant.

During a short demo, Mr Bryant showed us the strength in recognizing a power base and to not fight against it. “You have to learn to recognize where there is power and where there is weakness,” he says with intense wisdom. The idea is to never go straight against your opponents power force, but to find another way out and use it to your advantage.

Not only is this shown during the lessons, but also a good workout. “The pace is neither too fast nor too slow,” says Tan-Tin Cheng ‘17.

Mr Bryant holds these sessions after school on Monday’s and Friday’s, in the fitness studio. Though it may be moved to an MPR, this is where it will be held for now and until further notice.