Highlight Reel

Leo ’19

A popping and hip hop master, Leo Heuser is a dancing machine. It has been something that Leo has been truly passionate about for quite a while now. His eyes lit up as he retold the story of how he began his passion. The journey started five years ago in Australia. For a couple years, a young teacher found and taught Leo the skills he needed to become a great dancer. “When I first started, I thought it was kinda cool and I really wanted to do it ”, Leo smiled. After moving to Malaysia, it’s been hard for Leo to find a good teacher that can continue crafting and molding his variability in the hip hop dance world.  However, Leo now takes popping into his own hands. Spending a lot of time at home or privately at the gym to continue practicing the activity he loves the most, Leo continues to dance to the beat of his own drum.

If you could be any superhero , who would you be?

Batman, because he’s rich and cool.

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

First I thought of german sausage, but no. Schnitzel! I like Schnitzel.

What would you do if you won 5 million dollars in the lottery?

I probably would put 4,500,000 in my saving account and then just spend the rest on stuff.Probably stop school , maybe. Because I wouldn’t need the education. I could just live my life. I’d probably invest in stocks, so I could actually live my life without doing anything.

Sophia ’18

Boo! There are some people in the world who love being scared and will watch or do anything to create that adrenalin. Sophia Peterson’s bubbly and smiling personality makes it hard to believe that she is one of them. “Going to the theater or in the comfort of my own bed at night, eating popcorn, and watching scary movies is the biggest interest of mine”, she exclaimed. In addition to going to bed most nights wondering what’s under her bed, she is very passionate about the performing arts and athletics! Sports has definitely had an influential impact on her life, as the three season superstar prepares for soccer, rugby, and golf. A jack of all trades, Sophia also loves to act as well. A couple years ago she played the worm in Unfortunate Souls. “ I love being onstage… the worm was a major acting moment for me”, Sophia laughed. One things for sure, you will definitely see Sophia pour her heart and soul in just about every activity in school!

If you could be any age for a week? What age would you be and why ?

Probably be like five again , because that was just such a happy time. NO I would be 8.  THAT was such a happy time for me, I lived in London, and I lived in this amazing house, it was so different it was like 5 stories tall. It was just so different for me because I had just came back from the desert (Odessa, Texas) to London so that was a big difference. It was my first move so that was a really significant moment in my life.

If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make?

Um, definitely going along with my feministic point of view on things. I would make the pay be equal for both men and women. And I would make it a rule to have a least two naps a day. Yeah.. that would be the two main ones.

What is your perfect pizza?

I would say margherita pizza. That’s my absolute favorite, just plain cheese and thin crust!

Jaan ’17

Growing up, Jaan’s biggest influence was his older brother, who introduced him to the world of football. He taught Jaan how to play and sat with him to watch numerous matches on the television. Not only did his older brother mould him into the huge Manchester United fan he is today, but it was because of him that Jaan is really passionate about sports in general. In fact this year he is trying out for the Rugby and Track team. After playing touch in his old school, he is thrilled to start playing rugby for the first time on a team. “I’m not the greatest at them [sports] , but when I’m actually playing it, it doesn’t matter how good I am.” Within every athlete, there is a roaring hunger that can never be quenched. Speaking of hunger, Jaan’s second passion is food. Growing up, his family loved trying diverse food from everywhere, allowing Jaan to have worldwide taste buds. “I’ve been really fortunate to try all kinds of food in great restaurants and have good food at home” Jaan laughed. If you’re ever in need for some food advice, Jaan is your guy!

If you could have personally witnessed anything,what would you want to have seen?

Probably the final of the World Cup in Brazil last year.

Have you ever met any celebrities?

I’ve met most of Barcelona’s team and Neymar was the most memorable.

Where did you meet them?

They came to Malaysia! I got super lucky and had VIP access so I got to meet them and get a couple of signatures. Neymar wasn’t as down to earth as I thought he’d be though.

If you could wake up in the body of someone else, who would it be why?

I’d probably be Jay Z because he has an insane amount of money and Beyonce. I’m just saying who wouldn’t want Beyonce as a wife.

Kevin ’16

Corgis. Small welsh puppies. Kevin Sun’s main passions. As a huge smile appears on his face, he begins his rant on how adorable these dogs are. “They are just so cute, fluffy, and the pure breeds, they have short and stubby legs so when they walk around it looks like a penguin!” he enthusiastically describes. Kevin can sit for hours on end watching the Corgi section on the 24 hour pet channel. A live YouTube playlist where you can watch these little puppies interact with each other, the pet channel is his source for procrastination. He even was late for a date because he got distracted by the Corgis! Another time, Kevin burnt his instant noodles after spending too much time away from the microwave. He was engulfed by the pull of welsh puppies. Kevin can rant about how cute they are all day! If that isn’t enough motivation to prove that Corgis are one of Kevin’s favorite passion/interest in the whole world – he has a huge folder of facts, videos, and gifs of this puppy stored on his computer, hoping one day he might be able to buy his own!

What’s one place you would love to live, why?

One place I would like to live Hawaii? Because it’s like developed but its also like the beach. So its like youre away from civilization but you’re actually not.

What are you most afraid of ?

Falling from heights

If you could visit anywhere in the world, what would it be?

I wanna go to Tibet, it’s a really interesting city. Its just like the culture history, it’s so dense, its so interesting, it’s so rich…  a high concentration of culture.