The RISE of Junior Varsity

Rise of JV

Over the past few years, the view of the Junior Varsity team in ISKL has changed, as more and more people are starting to respect the title and actually try out for spots on the team. Just a couple of years ago, when people didn’t get into their preferred Varsity teams, they would simply give up without seeing the value of the JV teams. Now, the Junior Varsity teams are rising in status and becoming a prideful topic to discuss among underclassmen.

JV teams consist of mostly freshmen and sophomores, except in rugby, where it’s done by age group. During the first season, there were a  total of 36 boys and 33 girls within JV Soccer and Volleyball. Junior Varsity has gained its own stand by having more games and matches, as well as an increase in competitiveness. Starting this year, they will also be having more travel opportunities for tournaments and championships outside and within Malaysia. The soccer and volleyball teams travelled to Jakarta in the first season, and in the second season, the basketball team will be travelling to Hanoi, and the rugby, softball and badminton teams will be travelling to Singapore.

Growing in pride and strength, these younger athletes are putting their best into games and they have positively improved. “They’re both really strong teams this year,” Valentina’18, a varsity soccer player, points out.

“Kids are excited to make JV programs now,” Mr. Brawn, the athletic director at ISKL, says. “It’s much more competitive than past years”.

It’s something for underclassmen to look forward to and join in order to grow and develop as athletes. “When you’re younger and not as experienced it gives you something to aim for,” Andrew‘16, captain of the varsity cross country team, explains.

“To play sports at the highest level you’re competitive at,” Mr. Brawn states, is a definite goal to achieve.

JV greatly aids students preparing to try out for varsity. “We all start off the same, no one is really that advanced and we all progress together,” Aisya‘17, former JV volleyball and basketball player, states. Starting off with team members who are within your skill range helps create a solid and effective team.

Even though Junior Varsity is  becoming far more competitive, Varsity is still more intense and has loads of added pressure to it. When asked about the prospect of joining Varsity one day, Farrah‘19 gives an uncertain “maybe”.

When asked if she would try out for Varsity, Dorith‘18 says, “If the opportunity arises then I will definitely try out, but I’m fine with JV for now.”

Junior Varsity has grown a lot over the past couple of years, and taking this growth and applying it to their upcoming biggest games will be a challenge that they will definitely accept. The goal is to play to the best of your ability and constantly be challenging yourself, it’s all about personal growth and working as a team, and now both JV and Varsity teams encourage these traits.